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Week 3 BMBL Updates/Power Rankings

Week 3 was full of nail biters with two games decided by less than 3 points. After a few weeks of BMBL we know one thing for sure- it is "Any Given Wednesday" week in and week out as the #1 and #2 teams fall this week leaving no teams undefeated.

Game 1 at TISS had 4Life Fitness playing Mighty Valley Coffee at 6:15pm. MVC got off to a hot start with quick ball movement and speed cutting through the 4Life defence. After an early 10 point lead was cut, this game went back and fourth for the 2nd and 3rd quarters. 4Life pulled away late in the 4th with strong defence and efficient scoring inside with White and Zack Bottigoni taking over down the stretch. The final was 64-57 for 4Life and the player of the game is Jacob White who finished with 28 points. Both teams will have a bye week 4 and a rematch week 5 so get your popcorn ready.

Game of the week goes to Game 2 @ TISS which saw Angelo's Restaurant and Rideau Realty go down to the final possession. Rideau Realty came out on top, winning 46-44 behind Joe McNichols 15. Also, returning to the lineup Blain Wells added 12 & 8 flirting with a double double. Rideau hasn't lost a game with the pair on the floor and is looking like the team to beat. Player of the game is awarded to Joe McNichols. Both teams also have a bye week to rest up and game-plan for week 5.

Game 1 at BCI was another one possession game between Super Simple Sheets and Make Your Move Kingston. MYMK slayed the dragon knocking off the 1-seed 50-47 behind Josh Huttinga's 19 point offensive performance. However, this game was won on the defensive side of the ball as MYMK held SSS best players to 7 and 10 points respectively. Player of the game goes to Josh Huttinga and the MYMK squad prepares for a week 4 match up vs. Eldridge Electric.

Our fourth and final game of week 3 was Ewyn Weight Loss vs. Eldridge Electric. Ewyn went off for a season high score of 69, while also tying a league low in points against. The final was 69-30 as Devin Burns dropped 23 and 7. Ewyn had a healthy dose of scoring from everyone on their score card, while Eldridge Electric had a hard time getting the lid off. Player of the game goes to Devin Burns. Ewyn will square off vs. Super Simple Sheets, while EE will play MYMK in their week 5 games.

Week 3 Power Rankings:

  1. Rideau Realty (+2)

The dynamic duo of Wells and McNichols is proving to be a tough task for opposing teams. These two are surrounded by shooters and chemistry and they will jump 2 spots from 3 to 1 in this weeks power rankings.

2. Angelo's Restaurant (-)

Angelo's picked up their first loss of the year but stays put at 2 this week. This team has really good size and guys that can make shots all over. Depth and consistency will be this teams strength all year. At 2-1 and the leagues best points differential this team will be a tough challenge every week.

3. Super Simple Sheets (-2)

SSS lost PG Bob Tierney who will be placed on the IR for 4-5 weeks. This loss, coupled with their loss to Make Your Move Kingston in week 3 moves this squad to the 3 spot. The duo of Fullarton and Van Wieren are still extremely difficult to guard and I believe we will see SSS go on a 6 game win streak while they make a push back to the top of the power rankings.

4. 4Life Fitness (-)

After being at the bottom of the league offensively last year, 4Life has turned things around and are currently leading the league in the "Points For" category behind White's league leading 22 points/game. 4Life sits at 2nd in the league standings as they head into a week 4 bye.

5. Make Your Move Kingston (-)

MYMK has perhaps had the toughest strength of schedule leaving them at 1-1 with a 3 point W over SSS, and a 4 point loss to Rideau Realty. This is another team that will rely on chemistry and size to win games. With multiple scorers this team is a must watch in their week 4 matchup vs. Eldridge Electric as former MVP Cody Hache looks to make his return.

6. Ewyn Weight Loss (+2)

After a big week 1 loss Ewyn flipped the script and put up a league high 69 points in week 3. Devin Burns will draw more and more attention as he is cementing himself as the go-to bucket getter. Fawcett and Weirdsma also add versatility and at full strength this team will compete with the top teams in the league.

7. Mighty Valley Coffee (-)

Mighty Valley Coffee sits 7th in the league standings and our week 3 power rankings. MVC is currently 7th in points for and points against but don't let it fool you. These guys can run and make tough shots. Sitting at 1-2 MVC looks to pick up a W vs. 4Life in their week 5 rematch.

8. Eldridge Electric (-2)

Falling from 6 to 8 in this weeks power rankings EE is having a tough time sourcing offence in the absence of Cody Hache. The rumour mill has it that Cody is eyeing their week 4 matchup vs. MYMK as his 2023-24 season debut. Can Hache take the leagues lowest scoring team from the bottom to the top?

Update: The Brockville Men's Basketball League in partnership with Super Simple Sheets & 4Life Fitness are hosting a toy drive to collect presents to ensure every family has a happy holiday. If you are able to donate a present we will offer you $20 off your mens league registration for next year. Please drop off unwrapped gifts to 4Life Fitness by December 18th, or bring them to any men's league game for collection.

To learn more or to get involved in the toy drive please email

We hope to see you all at the Mow after the week 4 matchups!

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