4Life Foundation

4Life foundation is a youth mindset and mental health foundation.

We offer free educational lectures in a community based environment that feature PhD Sports Psychologists as well as functional medical doctors and other respected guests.


Athletic insights

An interactive resource for youth sports organizations, parents, coaches and young athletes looking to get a glimpse into elite athletics and the nuances to “make it” next level.

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Identifying and building well-rounded athletes and leaders, we help provide a clear path forward for your future. 

  • Exposure to University programs, Coaches and Trainers

  • In person and online meetings with Pro athletes

  • Emphasis on accountability

  • Mandatory attendance at Leadership Academy + Elite Training classes

  • Direct guidance and support from post-secondary athletes

If you require post-secondary prep, please discuss with Coach Zach Benson during initial consult or message zachbenson@4lifefitness.info



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Identifying young athletes who show immense promise as leaders with the purpose of building well-rounded athletes and individuals. This program aims to provide mentorship 4Life, beyond athletics.

As part of our full scope training methodology, the L.A. provides a platform in which to exchange ideas and provide advice and support on a wide range of topics in a safe space. 

Our sessions explore modern ethical, philosophical, and business concepts such as:

  • Instant Gratification vs Delayed Gratification

  • How to Become a Leader of Leaders

  • Tools for Critical Thinking

  • Using Social Media Responsibly


Date: 3rd Sunday of Every Month

When: 1:00 - 2:00pm

Contact zachbenson@4lifefitness.info for information