What is 4Life Fitness?

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4Life Fitness is the frontier training organization that combines a number of diverse methodologies to provide a full scope training approach in order to achieve one’s highest quality of life, physically and mentally. 

Wide-spread studies have shown that engaging in physical activity has been proven to improve not only the physical development of youths and adults alike but promote their mental, social, emotional and psychological development as well. 

With this in mind, 4Life Fitness provides a one-stop shop for personalized fitness, athletic development and increased sports performance.

Taking what worked from old school style coaching, while implementing modern learning practices and a holistic view of the entire athletic development process, 4Life Fitness is a pioneer for the future of athletic performance. We put the person before the athlete.

From your doorstep to the University stage and beyond, 4Life Fitness not only provides the skills and strength training required for next level athletes, but provides tools, resources, guidance, assistance, support, access to semi-professional and professional sports networks as well as a network of coaches in Canada and the U.S. 

Mission: To provide the tools to achieve one’s highest quality of life through innovative, multi-faceted approaches to athletic development. 

Vision: To educate and inspire all individuals to adopt sustainable lifelong health practices that combine physical and mental focus, creating lifelong confidence, promoting physical longevity and encouraging the highest quality of life.

CORE beliefs/Priorities

4Life Fitness operates on three fundamental pillars.

Physical & Mental Health are 100% interrelated. 

Community involves working with our youth for mutual growth. 

Leadership in a trickle-down mentorship approach is the only way to encourage continual learning and development.

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