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This program is designed to build off the foundation established in Mini Movement, introducing strength and conditioning with a conservative approach. Junior Elite focuses on fun and competition, taking each athlete one step closer towards elite athletics at their own pace. The classes are scaled to meet the athletes' skill levels while also identifying those ready for more advanced movements.

Junior Elite Athletics

A pre-University style prep program where graduates go on to earn full scholarships and open post-secondary doors. With a shift towards competitive training, we introduce elite speed mechanics, olympic weightlifting, advanced plyometrics and much more! Our goal is for our athletes to walk into University weight rooms and be the most advanced and experienced weightlifter in the group. This type of confidence comes with much preparation and our experienced coaches are here to help. 

Senior Elite Athletics

Designed to simulate game-day competition and conditioning for off-season athletes.This class, offered every Saturday, is targeted for both members and non-members - from Elite Athletics members who want that extra edge to athletes and local youth wanting to improve strength and conditioning in a competitive environment.

Athlete Drop-In Class

Mini Movement is our introductory course designed to teach fundamentals, balance, coordination and enjoyment in the training environment. This is a great program for children looking for a big edge as an athlete or simply looking for opportunities to socialize with other young athletes. 

Mini Movement

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Combining a variety of techniques including weightlifting, resistance band exercises and bodyweight movement, this action-packed class will help you develop strength and increase power 4life. Suitable for everyone - from those beginning their fitness journey to more experienced lifters - this class will teach you the best ways to build and maintain muscle.

Strength & Power 

A high intensity interval training (HIIT) class that will get and keep your heart rate up to burn calories in less time. By cycling our bodies through quick bursts of maximum effort with brief periods of active recovery, this style of training provides an incredibly effective full-body workout to increase metabolism in a quick and convenient way. 


This fast paced, full-body blitz class combines the power of weightlifting with the intensity of a cardio-based workout. Using free-weights and barbells as well as body-weight exercises, Body Burn will help you trim and tone in this quick 45 minute session!

Body Burn

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