Brockville’s most extensive Athletic Development and Functional Movement Program.


Our 4 week summer program features:


  • Athletic combines

  • Functional movement assessments

  • Sprint mechanics/spinal awareness

  • Jump/landing mechanics and injury prevention

  • Reactive agility focus

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Specialty coaching from a Post Secondary Athletic Prep Coach





Let us inspire our young athletes to perform locally and dream globally!


Our mission for this dynamic program is to educate both our community as well as the next generation of athletes on the transformative and lasting results of multi-dimensional athleticism.


By fusing elite sports training methods with teachings on biomechanics and optimal physical literacy, we can broaden the athletic tool box to promote better, stronger, athletes 4Life.


With this critical shift from sports specific training to long term athletic development and overall performance, our forward thinking training program will minimize burnout prevalent in young athletes and maximize longevity in adherence to sports/healthy lifestyle.

No prior experience necessary. Athletes will be placed in one of two groups based on age (9-13yr/14+) and will be assessed according to their physical ability (functional movement screening) and fitness level (athletic ability/combine).


Junior Camp

(Ages 9-13yrs)



Senior Camp

(Ages 14+)

The initial session and exit session will include assessment on speed (10 yard/40 yard dashes), jump performance (broad jump), agility testing (T-test/L-drill) as well as a customized functional movement screening system developed specifically for the needs of the group by our movement professionals. These two sessions will be dedicated to screening and evaluation to identify athletes’ goals, pinpoint areas of improvement in physical strength/mobility and guide focus for developing athletic ability. 


The six core training sessions will include sprint mechanics (learning the 3 phases of a sprint + how to accelerate, decelerate and transition while applying force into the ground in the appropriate manner) and jump/landing mechanics (teaching force application/absorption while serving as a long term injury prevention tool). These sessions will also introduce athletes to reactive agility, consisting of a variety of tailored and rigorous strength and conditioning drills.