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  • Ages 8 - 15

  • All genders welcome, no experience required

  • Cost for members $150+tax / Cost for non-members $200+tax

  • Game days on Sundays through April - June 2023 with one practice per week

  • Focus will be on learning the fundamentals of football in a fun and safe environment, while the practices will focus on skills and drills, as well as introduction to strength and conditioning training.

  • Game day jerseys will be provided however athletes are expected to wear black shorts

Age Group                                 Date of Birth

U10 Tyke                                   2014 & 2015

U12 Mosquito                                     2012 & 2013

U14 Pee Wee                             2010 & 2011

U16 Bantam                                      2008 & 2009

Invoice will be sent once we receive your registration form


Season Overview

  1. Games Sunday at Brockville Soccer Field and Cornwall Collegiate & Vocational School (CCVS)

  2. Regular Season (9 weeks – guaranteed 9 games!)

  3. Playoff Weekend

WHAT IS 7 ON 7 ?

7 on 7 football is played without offensive or defensive linemen. Offensive run plays are not permitted and there is no rushing of the QB. The aim is to better develop QB’s, skill position players and the speed/execution of the game.


  • Two 25 min run time halves (final 2 minutes of second half is stop time). 

  • Each team will have 6 eligible receivers on the field and 1 QB.

  • Defence can use any 7 players however they want to line up.  

  • QB’s will have 4 seconds to throw the ball (this rule will be implemented closer to playoffs)

  • Touch-downs are worth 6 points

  • Conversion from the 5 yard line +1 if successful, -1 if unsuccessful

  • Conversion from the 10 yard line +2 if successful, -2 if unsuccessful

  • Interceptions are worth 3 points and are a dead-ball

  • Field is 40 yards + 10 yard endzone for a 50 yard playing surface


Welcome prospective athletes and families!

The purpose of this program is to energize young athletes to get moving and provide an opportunity to become the best versions of themselves.

Brockville native Zach Benson grew up very involved and supportive of local sports, having spent time refereeing youth soccer and volunteer coaching in the Brockville Youth Football Association and NCAFA. Growing up as an athlete playing soccer, basketball, volleyball, football and hockey, Zach transitioned into a football focus which resulted into a full athletic scholarship and provided him the opportunity to begin his career as an Athletic Development Coach. 

Zach wants to take everything he has learned in his time as an athlete and University Strength Coach and bring it back to the community .

The Brockville 7’s League aims to grow our local athletics, bring our community together, build our community, and encourage our youth to build lasting confidence, create memories and improve their social, mental and physical health!

This program also provides opportunities for exceptional athletes to try-out for our Elite 7’s program. See Brockville Elite 7’s tab for details and/or message myself at for further information.

Let’s get this community going!

I look forward to seeing you all out there!

Zach Benson

CEO 4Life Fitness

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