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Lisa Kirkby

Mental Health Professional

"I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for Evan. We started out as going to see you to help Evan improve his athletic skills for football.  That has definitely been accomplished and he will continue to get bigger, faster and stronger working with you.  His lifts have improved in technique and in weight.  His confidence in the gym has gotten better.  


Along the way, having you as a tutor for math was a huge help for Evan.  He reached out to you when he was struggling and you worked with him to help him learn what he wasn't grasping in the classroom.  You never let him lose sight of the fact that universities require high marks.  Even if you're a great football player, you still need the marks.  That helped keep him focused on studies, practice, and training.  


Since he has started with you, universities and prep schools have started contacting him about when he graduates.  It's been awesome for him to work with you on replies to coaches that sound mature and eager, but not too eager.  It's awesome also how you get so excited for him, so I know you are always in his corner.  Again, helping with his confidence in himself and his abilities as a person, student, and player.  


His nutrition has become top priority to him.  He's much more mindful of food as fuel and not reward or just trying to eat the most junk.  He's learned a lot about food and nutrition for athletes from you during training sessions.


Since COVID, he has not been able to get in to train with you but he has developed enough drive, dedication, and commitment to do the workouts you give him on a daily basis.  He's also taken initiative to look up other exercises and training he can do on days off to get ready for football season when the kids return to school.


On all counts, you are certainly helping shape Evan into an exceptional student, athlete and person.  He is interested in his future, focused on his plans and has made some pretty ambitious goals for himself - once again, his increased self-confidence has been greatly influenced by you. 


So thank you again for all you do in developing athletes beyond just physical training. It's life skills, maturity and so much more."

“At a time when my son Jayden really needed someone to help him get back to the sport he loved after an injury Zach was there. Jayden broke his leg and when the cast came off he wasn't the same athletically. Zach somehow knew exactly what to do.


He worked tirelessly with Jayden and pushed him to see things in himself as a person and as an athlete that he didn't before. Jayden came back to his sport better than he was before the injury and learned about what he needed to do with his body to keep it in the physical conditioning necessary.


He continues to work with Zach several years after this and is now becoming the best version of himself because of Zach. He has received offers from several Canadian and U.S. prep schools and has drawn early interest from several USPORT's programs. If ever there was someone I would trust with my sons goals and my own when it comes to being the healthiest and most fit version of ourselves it is Zach. Thank you for all you've done and continue to do!"

Jody Delorme

Mother of OUA Player

Mary Davis

Brockville Youth Football Association Board Member

"Had some parents asking me about what you do and how much will the athletes gain. I told them you did wonders for both Skylar and Keegan. That their son or daughter will not be disappointed and will learn so much from you. I went on to tell them how much you helped Keegan in believing in himself and that he could do whatever he wanted to do. Zach you do an amazing job with all the kids and I wish you all the best on your new business.

"I have collaborated with Zach for 2 years now and watching his vision unfold, fuelled by, the passion he has for the youth in our community is moving. I began training with Zach 4 months ago, his knowledge on the subject of Athletic Development is extremely rare. He is professional and motivating, while pushing you through focus and encouragement to reach a potential you did not know you had. I respect him and will continue to work with him collaborating and training. Our community, especially our youth, is lucky to have this service!"

Ashley Hill

Athletic Therapist / Clinic Owner, Podium Sports Therapy and Wellness Centre

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