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Week 5 BMBL Updates & Power Rankings

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Week 5 is in the books and we have 4 teams tied for 1st place. Tie breaker goes to the team that donates the most toys to our Big Brothers Big Sisters Christmas Toy Drive (we are accepting donations for local youth until December 16th). When looking at differential we have Angelo's (+42), 4Life Fitness (+34), Make Your Move Kingston (+18), and Rideau Realty (+5).

Buckle up for the week 5 review as we have movement in both the MVP Ladder and the Power Rankings.

2023 MVP Leaderboard:

  1. Brian Kloosterman

  2. Josh Huttinga

  3. Jacob White

  4. Joe McNichols

  5. Josh Van Wieren

BK goes to 1 in this weeks MVP leaderboard with his 3rd double double, while adding a 3/4 court buzzer beater 3 to end the third. The shot put Angelo's up 15 and put the game out of reach. Huttinga was solid again putting up 13 & 9 and stays top 2 in the MVP hunt. McNichols also hit a game winning buzzer beater 3 with 6s left vs. Super Simple Sheets. Van Wieren and White took the night off for rest purposes.

Game 1 @ BCI was a week 4 rematch between Eldridge Electric and Make Your Move Kingston. MYMK comes away with the win 59-51 and goes to 3-1 on the year. Hache seems to have returned to MVP form dropping 20 in his second game of the year. Eldridge Electric closed the gap from 11 to 8 but are still looking to pick up their first W. Eldridge Electrics week 6 match up vs. Mighty Valley Coffee is our week 6 game of the week.

Make Your Move Kingston had a balanced scoring attack with 4 players in double digits, and 4 players had 6+ rebounds. This team is solid across the board and has a week 6 match up with Angelo's Restaurant- another must watch game. MYMK has now won 3 in a row and look to keep it alive as the top 2 MVP front runners clash next Wednesday 6:15pm BCI.

Player of the Game: Zach/Joe Lockhart for his 17 and 7 performance in the week 5 win.

Game 2 at BCI had the 1-seed Rideau square off vs. the 3-seed Super Simple Sheets in a heavy weight battle. The 3 seed was missing 3 key pieces this week loosing by 1 point on a buzzer beater 3. Rideau was down 2 players and had 4 players score 8+ for a very balanced scoring attack. 3 players on Rideau also grabbed 10 rebounds controlling the boards all night. Super Simple Sheets led for the majority of game play, but McNichols wouldn't have it and called game with 6s remaining. Rideau has a week 6 match up with Ewyn Weight Loss, Super Simple sheets will play 4Life.

Player of the Game: Joe McNichols hits a last second shot to give Rideau a 1 point victory.

Over at TISS we had 2 competitive games with Angelo's Restaurant vs. Ewyn and 4Life vs. Mighty Valley Coffee.

Angelo's grabbed another win defeating Ewyn by 12. Both teams got off to slow starts, with some turnovers. After 1 it was 8-7 Ewyn. Kloosterman stepped up and helped lead Angelo's to a 21-14 lead at half. Ewyn didn't quite utilize Angelo's slow start but did give this team a run and showed us they can compete with top teams. Ewyn didn't have their 6'5 big man which would have been very helpful on defence. Angelo's continued to control the game in the second half. Fawcett and Burns did shoot well from 3, but Angelo's had an answer offensively for everything.

Player of the Game: Brian Kloosterman for his 17 and 11 double double performance. Brian did it all in his week 5 matchup including a 3/4 court 3 point shot to put the game out of reach at the end of the 3rd quarter.

In another week 4 rematch 4Life and Mighty Valley Coffee had another close one. These teams have faced twice in back to back weeks and the games have both ended in a 7 point 4Life win. In another highly competitive game Mitch Clemmons dropped 18 and kept his team in the hunt all evening, while Josh Kleinlagel dropped a season high 21 to lead 4Life to the win. The 3 point shooter hit 4 3s and stepped up in the absence of the leagues leading scorer (J White).

Mighty Valley Coffee plays in the week 6 game of the week vs. Eldridge Electric as both teams look to pick up a W.

Player of the game: Josh Kleinlagel for his offensive shooting performance.

Week 5 Power Rankings:

  1. Angelo's Restaurant (+1)

Angelo's defence is proving to be extremely consistent and difficult to finish on. Angelo's held Ewyn to 40 in a week 5 W. Offensively even with the slow start Angelo's showed great ball movement from the entire team- this is looking like the team to beat as they are winning tough games with lots of cushion (+42 point differential).

2. Rideau Realty (-1)

Rideau picked up a week 5 win on a last second buzzer beater 3. Sitting at 3-1 tied for 1st place, Rideau's games have been decided by less than 4. Super Simple Sheets was short handed and went the distance in a game that could have gone either way, ultimately the (+5) points differential is the reason for the slide to 2.

3. Super Simple Sheets (-)

Super Simple Sheets was on the wrong end of a last second buzzer beater. SSS were short handed Fullarton, Van Wieren, and Tierney and almost escaped with a W. At full strength this is still perhaps the toughest team in the league to guard. With a +22 points differential SSS is a tough weekly matchup.

4. Make Your Move Kingston (-)

With a similar result MYMK again pulled away from Eldridge Electric in the fourth quarter for the win. Week 6 brings MYMK an opportunity to knock off the 1-seed and make a jump in the power rankings.

5. 4Life Fitness (-)

A similar result to the week 4 matchup vs. MVC proved that 4Life can score/win games without MVP candidate Jacob White. Kleinlagal had his second 20+ point performance which now forces teams to ask- who do we stop? With a week 6 match up with SSS we will get to see 4Life compete with one of the leagues top teams.

6. Ewyn Weight Loss (-)

Ewyn falls to 1-3 on the year and need their big man back in the line up to compete with the top teams. Burns and Fawcett both shot well but they need to get more defensive stops against the leagues high scoring offences. Sitting steady at 6 this week Ewyn looks to bounce back vs. Rideau.

7. Mighty Valley Coffee (-)

MVC had another close one with 4Life resulting in an almost identical result to their previous matchup. Sitting at 1-3 with a -37 differential MVC stays put at 7. However, MVC plays in the week 6 game of the week vs. Eldridge Electric that will undoubtedly have power ranking implications.

8. Eldridge Electric (-)

Keep your eye on EE in their week 6 match up vs. MVC and an update on the new look Eldridge Electric. Hache begins to get some chemistry with his new squad and his return addresses the scoring issue.

Update: The Brockville Men's Basketball League in partnership with Super Simple Sheets & 4Life Fitness are hosting a toy drive to collect presents to ensure every family has a happy holiday. If you are able to donate a present we will offer you $20 off your mens league registration for next year. Please drop off unwrapped gifts to 4Life Fitness by December 18th, or bring them to any men's league game for collection.

To learn more or to get involved in the toy drive please email

We hope to see you all at the Mow after the week 4 matchups! Players of the game enjoy a pint on us.

End with week 6 preview

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