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BMBL Updates: Power Rankings Holiday Special

We have played 6 weeks of exciting basketball and are heading into a two-week holiday break. First off, we want to thank everyone for getting involved in our Toy Drive in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Through the generous donations of our men's league community we were able provide approximately 50 presents to local youth. Also a thank you to 4Life Fitness and Activate Physiotherapy clients for your toy donations. We appreciate everyone who got involved and for helping the local community. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

Now back to ball.

As we head into the break we have a special edition of the weekly break down for you. We have gotten to see more and now have a detailed break down of each team as we gear up for the second half of the season January 10th-April 17th.

After 6 games a piece of BMBL Angelo's Restaurant sits alone in first place with the leagues best defence and longest active winning streak. They are the clear front runner as we pause for the break. Before we get into the power rankings, let's go over the MVP leaderboard.

2023 MVP Leaderboard:

  1. Brian Kloosterman

  2. Rob Fullarton

  3. Jacob White

  4. Joe Lockhart

  5. Joe McNichols

  6. Devin Burns

  7. Cody Hache

  8. Mitch Clemmons

Kloosterman has notched a double double in every game, while moving the ball to shooters, and getting the team involved. Leading Angelo's Restaurant to the top spot in the league standings with 16/12 gives him the MVP race lead. His impact on defence is also immeasurable.

Fullarton was dealing with some knee issues but has hit the ground running and has dropped 10+ every game with a season high of 19. Rob can put the ball on the floor and get to the rim on almost anybody. Fullarton is second on his team in points and rebounding, and adds a dynamic component to his team on both ends.

When Jacob White scores 20+ 4Life is 2-0. When he scores 18 or less they are 0-3. They are also 1-0 without him in the line up. White has a blend of athleticism and touch and is one of the tougher matchups in the league. With the ability to play inside and outside defences usually game-plan around him. White has lead the league in scoring for 13 months and shows no sign of slowing down.

Joe Lockhart leads MYMK in points and rebounds and has been reliable playing in all 6 games in his rookie season. Lockhart has scored driving to the hoop or shooting the ball and brings defensive intensity every week.

Joe McNichols is Mr. Reliable with a sweet offensive post package. Joe is averaging 14/8 and uses his jumper to stretch the floor. Joe also scores in the paint with the leagues best drop step. Big impact player on the game that elevates Rideau when he is on the floor.

Devin Burns is an absolute work horse for Ewyn averaging 15/5. Burns carries the ball, is at times asked to be a volume shooter or lockdown defender. Burns has a consistency to his game that lets his teammates get involved and get used to a certain pace of offence.

Cody Hache on four games is averaging 14/8 and using his quick first step to get to the rim. Hache is surrounded by shooters + length and looks to have another MVP caliber season with Eldridge Electric.

Sharpshooter Mitch Clemmons leads MVC in scoring and does it with a smooth jumper. Using crafty dribbling he is also able to get to the rim and make plays inside the paint.

Holiday Power Rankings:

Power rankings are based off the team and are not impacted or influenced by "spares" and their performance(s).

  1. Angelo's Restaurant (pre-season ranking- 3)

Angelo’s Restaurant is proving to be a defensive juggernaut holding opposing teams to 39.6 points/game.  In 6 games Angelo's has made it difficult for teams to score with 4Life being the only team to put up 50. Angelo’s is averaging 51 points a game and controlling the clock with ball movement to find the best look. This team is extremely difficult to game plan for- if you want to try and limit Kloosterman by doubling quick he will find open shooters. This team is filled with guys that can carry the ball, drive, shoot, and pass earning them the 1-seed as we head into the break. Angelo's is 3-1 against teams .500+ and 2-0 against teams below .500.

2. Super Simple Sheets (pre-season ranking- 2)

Super Simple Sheets has the leagues top offence with an average of 58 points/game and the second best defence in the league. No team has scored more than 55 on SSS this year and they allow an average of 47. This team is very consistent defensively. SSS has been dealing with various injuries and have not been at full strength much, if at all this season. Once their eight get healthy this team has the potential to win the league if they can solve the riddle of Angelo’s defence. SSS are 1-2 against teams 0.500+ and 3-0 when facing teams below 0.500.

3. Make Your Move Kingston (pre-season ranking- 5)

MYMK sits at 4-2 and has made their move from the 5th spot in our pre-season rankings up to 3 at the holiday break. This team shoots well and takes high quality shots. With lots of chemistry this team is a difficult weekly matchup and have a chance to spoil things for Angelo’s and SSS. MYMK is 1-2 vs. teams 0.500+ and 3-0 against teams below 0.500.

4. Rideau Realty/4Life Fitness (pre-season rankings- 4/6)

4Life falls to 3-3 in a tie with Rideau Realty. These teams square off Jan 31 and with similar statistics so far, this game will give us some answers on who the top teams in the league are heading into the playoffs. 4Life has not played MYMK or Rideau yet. This is a 4a/4b situation until we get some answers.

4Life Fitness went 3-14 last year and after 6 games there points against/game is down 24.16 points from 2022-23. Being 3-3 at the break and showing lots of improvement from last year this team is a dark horse to keep your eyes on. 4Life has athleticism and shooting but needs to put it together and play as a team. 4Life is 0-2 vs. teams 0.666+ and is 3-1 against teams below 0.333.

Rideau sits at 3-3 and have been in a lot of close games this year. Rideau has tons of chemistry and always competes but as the league has gotten stronger they are still in the middle of the pack sitting at 5th in league standings. Rideau is 3-1 vs. teams 0.500+ and 0-2 vs. teams below 0.333.

5. Ewyn Weight Loss (pre-season rankings- 7)

"Drafting multiple rookies, this team is a question mark going into week one. They will need to get scoring from more than just their back court this year if they want to be successful."- Direct quote from our pre-season power rankings.

This holds true as Ewyn is searching for consistent scoring outside of MVP candidate Devin Burns. This season has been the tale of 2 teams for Ewyn, when they show up they have the pieces to compete with every team in the league. As Ewyn looks to hit a groove in the second half of the season expect Todd Fawcett and Noah Grant to get more involved offensively. Ewyn is 1-4 against teams above .500+ and 1-0 against teams below 0.200.

6. Mighty Valley Coffee (pre-season rankings 8)

Sitting at 2-4 MVC has 3 scorers averaging double digit scoring as this undersized team has found ways to win games and compete. In our pre-season ranking we said they would need to rely on chemistry, and they have. This team moves well and has a similar fluidity to their offence that we have seen from Rideau over the past few years. If MVC can find a way to limit other teams scoring they should be able to pick up some more wins on the way to the playoffs. MVC has been without their first round pick and once he returns this team gains another dimension. Turner will have an impact on both sides of the ball. MVC is 1-4 against teams 0.500+ and 1-0 against teams below 0.500.

7. Eldridge Electric (pre-season rankings 1)

Sitting at 1-5 fresh off a win EE gets the monkey off their back. Hache has found his groove and is getting to the rim at ease similar to last year. Surrounded by long shooters Erik Goodberry and Aiden Henry as well as post Trevor Fortier this team is going to win a lot of games in the new year. EE started 0-2 without Hache in the lineup and his since gone 1-3 in his return. We need to see EE win with their full roster and grab that second W before we move them up. EE is 1-3 vs. teams 0.500+ and 0-2 vs. teams below 0.3333.

Play-off predictions: 14 games remaining

  1. Angelo's Restaurant: We predict Angelo's to finish 16-4 and play the 8 seed in the first round of the playoffs.

  2. Super Simple Sheets: If they stay healthy and their team shows up we have them finishing the last 14 games 12-2 (16-4).

  3. MYMK: (13-7) If MYMK can beat Rideau and 4Life in their season matchups they should be able to lock up the 3-seed heading into playoffs.

  4. 4Life: (12-8) Will have to go through Rideau to stay on the a-side for playoffs. We will get our first look at 4Life vs. Rideau on Jan 31.

  5. Rideau: (12-8) Rideau could end up as high as 3 this year but look to be on course to see 4Life in round 1.

  6. Ewyn: (7-13) In a potential first round match up with MYMK Ewyn matches up well defensively and could be a potential upset.

  7. EE: (6-14) The race to the 6th seed is on to avoid Angelo's or Super Simple Sheets in the first round.

  8. MVC: (6/14) Looking at a first round match up with Angelo's or Super Simple Sheets they will struggle to get stops defensively on the leagues top teams.

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