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Week 8 BMBL Updates & Power Rankings

After a long four week break BMBL resumed play last night with 4Life vs. Angelo's and Ewyn vs. Rideau @ BCI. Over at TISS we had Super Simple Sheets vs. MYMK and Eldridge Electric vs. Mighty Valley Coffee.

The evenings were almost identical with both 6:15pm games ending on buzzer beaters and both 7:30pm games ending slightly one sided.

Angelo's Restaurant picked up their fourth straight win over 4Life Fitness after trailing for 39 minutes and 59.5s. An absolute gut-wrenching loss for the 4Life squad at the hands of a Josh Parsons buzzer beater. Both teams were short handed with 5 and 6 players respectively but managed to have a very competitive game.

Dave Dufort had an impressive shooting performance racking up 26 points efficiently earning him week 8 player of the game honours.

Rideau Realty got out to a 17-2 lead early in the first quarter against Ewyn Weight Loss. Rideau fell in love with the 3 and allowed Ewyn to slowly crawl their way back to a close game at the half. Fawcett and Burns had a strong third quarter offensively and Ewyn began to control the pace.

McNicol's played solid in the third as Rideau went to the veteran scorer to try and stop the Ewyn scoring run. After 3 quarters Ewyn had a 3 point lead heading into the fourth. The fourth quarter was some of Ewyn's best ball of the season as you could see their offence starting to find its rhythm. With solid defensive intensity as well Ewyn ended up coasting to an eleven point victory.

Ewyn's X-factor tonight was Aaron Weirdsma who went for a season high 20 points. Aaron was an effective mid range scorer and brought a strong defensive presence. Weirdsma is this weeks player of the game.

Over at TISS we had another 2 point game between Super Simple Sheets and Make Your Move Kingston in the week 8 Game of the Week. SSS came out on top 54-52 and this one didn't disappoint as MVP candidates Rob Fullarton and Joe Lockhart had an offensive battle scoring 20 and 18.

Player of the game goes to Fullarton for his 20 and 12 performance. Welcome to the double double club.

The last game of the evening had Might Valley Coffee defeat Eldridge Electric 59-48 as Turner Onion makes his return to the lineup.

MVC had offensive contribution from everyone on their roster while Eldridge Electric played through their dynamic duo of Hache/Fortier. MVC picks up their third win on the year and head into a week 9 matchup vs. Ewyn that will have Power Ranking implications.

Mike Lee was MVC's player of the game with 13 points (three 3 pointers) in a big week 8 win.

Week 8 Power Rankings:

  1. Angelo's Restaurant (-)

In heroic fashion Josh Parson's hit a big game winner to keep the winning streak alive. The league leading streak of 4 games, plus the leagues top spot keeps Angelo's Restaurant at 1. Angelo's proved they can win tough games without MVP candidate BK in the line up. This team is difficult with 5 players, but at full strength a nightmare Wednesday night matchup.

2. Super Simple Sheets (-)

Sitting at 5-2 with the leagues top offence SSS picked up a win tonight without big man JV. With an active winning streak of 3 SSS looks to make a move for the 1-spot in week 9 vs. Angelo's Restaurant in the week 9 Game of the Week.

3. Make Your Move Kingston (-)

With a 2 point loss to the 2 seed MYMK isn't going anywhere as they stay firm at 3. MYMK had double digit scoring from 3 guys in their week 8 match up against the leagues second best defence.

4. 4Life Fitness/Ewyn Weight Loss (-/+1)

4Life was 0.5s away from the upset in week 8 but couldn't hold on. 4Life had 14 + points from 3 players but need to work harder on the defensive glass to secure wins against strong teams.

Ewyn came up big in week 8 against Rideau. At full strength this line up is climbing the power rankings fast. Ewyn has found their tempo on offence and looked sharp this week. While 4Life holds a 27 point victory over Ewyn they share the 4 spot after 8 weeks, both sitting at 3-4.

5. Mighty Valley Coffee (+1)

MVC picked up a huge week 8 game over Eldridge Electric. Mighty Valley Coffee can make a big jump in the power rankings if they knock off Ewyn in their week 9 match up. Keep an eye on this game as we sort out 4-6 in the power rankings over the next few weeks.

6. Rideau Realty (-2)

Rideau had a 17-2 lead late in the first quarter when Ewyn went on a 56-31 run to finish the game. Rideau relied heavily on MVP candidate JM when their shooting went cold at times which gave Ewyn's defence time to adjust. Ewyn forced very difficult looks in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th with defensive intensity. Rideau has a week 9 matchup with Eldridge Electric who will come out hungry.

7. Eldridge Electric (-)

Coming off a huge 18 point W in week 7 EE couldn't stay in the win column in week 8. EE fell to MVC 59-47 and collide with Angelo's Restaurant who look to extend their streak to 5 in week 9.

Week 9 Match Ups:

Angelo's Restaurant (1)

Super Simple Sheets (2)

Eldridge Electric (7)

Rideau (6)

Mighty Valley Coffee (5)

Ewyn Weight Loss (4)

4Life Fitness (4)

Make Your Move Kingston (3)

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