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Week 4- Brockville Youth 7 on 7 Football

Week 4:

The Brockville Youth 7 on 7 Football League was back for more today as we had our Juniors and Seniors square off at the Brockville Soccer Fields for week 4 action. Our Junior tilt started off with some acrobatic interceptions. Grant Roney (White) had 2 quick interceptions on Red’s first 2 offensive drives, while Kolten Davis picked up where he left off on week 3 grabbing himself an interception to put the score 6-3 White after the first 3 series.

Red didn’t take long to get rolling as they looked to bounce back from a week 3 loss. Iain Baird found the endzone first hitting Kolten Davis for the touchdown. After a failed point after attempt the score sat 8-6 Red. Ethan Larocque threw the first touchdown pass for White on the next possession to Grant Roney to regain the lead. The point after was incomplete and White led Red 11-8.

Ethan Larocque would make his presence felt with the interception to extend the lead to 6. The 6 point lead was short-lived as Jacob Hanna picked off the ball and brought the lead down to 3. Grant Roney took over at quarterback for White and found Nate Latimer underneath for a huge catch and run touchdown. Nate showed his elite acceleration as he put his foot into the ground and pulled away from everyone on the field. The score going into halftime was 19-11 White.

After a short 5-minute halftime White scored first on the interception by Grant Roney. On the very next play Iain Baird came up with a huge interception to keep the game in reach. Now 22-14 Red would go 4 and out on their next drive giving Roney the ball and lots of clock to extend the lead. Grant found Jeff Barrington on a deep post for a jump ball and the touchdown. The point after was incomplete and the score sat at 26-14 White. Down 12 and in need of a score Red was able to march the field play by play. The drive was capped by Baird finding Jackson Jodoin for 6! After another failed point after the score was 26-18 Red making it a 1 score game.

Grant Roney got the ball one more time at the 40 and the chance to kill the clock and end the game. Roney had other plans as he found Ethan Larocque on a deep seam. Larocque dove, extended, and grabbed the ball inches off the ground for a 30 yard reception. On the next play Grant again found Nate Latimer for 6 and the last points of the game. The Final was 32-18 White.

Our Junior players of the week are Grant Roney (White) and Kolten Davis (Red). Grant Roney threw 3 touchdown passes, had 3 interceptions and caught a touchdown for a very solid showing. Kolten Davis built on his week 3 performance and hauled in an interception and another touchdown. Kolten also kept a very positive attitude as Red was playing catch up most of the game and set a great example. The season series now sits at 2-2.

Our Juniors play next week Sunday at 10:00am on M1.

Junior Season Statistical Leaders:

TD Passses

Iain Baird 5

Grant Roney 5

Braxton Herbison 3

Ethan Larocque 2

Bodee Thibideau 1

TD Receptions

N. Latimer 4

K. Davis 3

L. Whitton 2

B. Herbison 2

G. Roney 2

J. Jodoin 2

J. Barrington 1

B. Thibideau 1


J. Barrington 4

G. Roney 4

B. Herbison 3

B. Thibideau 3

K. Davis 3

J. Hanna 2

N. Latimer 1

E. Larocque 1

I Baird 1

The Senior game started off with Fairbairn to Mboma on back to back plays putting Red on the 1 yard line on the first drive of the game. Brody Fairbairn found Logan Paulin for 6 and Red took another early lead on White. After Tristan Hawksby knocked down the 2-point convert, Red had a 4-0 lead. Logan Paulin intercepted the ball on White’s first possession and brought the game to 7-0.

Fairbairn again took over at the 40, drove the field and found none other than Logan Paulin for another touchdown. The 1-point convert fell short and Red led 12-0. Paulin was on absolute fire to start the game and the next points came on his second interception in the first half. Brody immediately hit Damien on a 40 yard bomb and extended the lead to 19-0 after a failed 2-point convert.

White took over at the 40 with a big deficit early in the first half. The first score for White came on a catch and run crossing pattern from Cordingley to Kody Kirton. The point after was successful for White and the score was 19-7. On Red’s fourth possession Brody again found Damien Nickerson for the score and Nathan Mboma on the 2-point convert. Red had a 20 point lead with 10 minutes until halftime.

White started this drive off with a bang as Cordingley found Tristan Hawksby down the sideline. Hawksby turned up the field and showed some speed on his way to the score. White was successful on the point after again making the score 27-14 Red. With time running down in the first half Red aired it out and Brody found Mboma for 6 to extend the lead with less than a minute before half. Paulin got the point after and Red was up 35-14.

White was able to put together another Cordingley to Kirton crossing pattern for a touchdown right before halftime. The 2-point convert was incomplete and Red held a 35-18 lead going into half.

After halftime White had the ball, 40 yards and a 17 point lead to chip away at. White moved the ball on the first drive and Conner Klimstchuck hauled in his first touchdown of the season for White. Evan then hit Conner on the 2-point convert and cut the lead to 9. On the very next series Brody Fairbairn found Logan Paulin for his 3rd touchdown reception on the day. On the point after Damien Nickerson hauled in an incredible 1-handed catch that electrified the crowd. Nickerson was not finished as he hauled in an interception on the next play and the lead was again 20.

Nickerson took over at quarterback for Red and found Fairbairn in the endzone. Whites last possession ended with Coringley again finding Tristan Hawksy for the score. The Final was 56-33 Red as they tied the season series up at 2-2.

Our Senior Players of the week are Logan Paulin (Red) and Kody Kirton (White). Logan had 3 touchdown catches and a game high 2 interceptions. Kody Kirton hauled in 3 touchdowns for White.

Our Seniors play next weekend at 11:30am at the Brockville Soccer Fields (M1).

Senior Season Statistical Leaders:

TD Passes

B. Fairbairn 22

E. Cordingley 17

M. Holmes 8

M. Palmer 1

D. Nickerson 1

TD Receptions

L. Paulin 7

M. Ola 5

N. Mboma 5

K. Kirton 5

D. Nickerson 3

And. Lassale 3

J. Broniszeski 3

J. Serson 3

Z. Rubert 2

E. Cordingley 2

T. Hawksy 2

B. Fairbairn 2

D. Mooney 2

L. Samure 1

R. Jardine 1

C. Burkmiski 1

C. Klimstchuck 1


M. Holmes 3

M. Ola 2

D. Mooney 2

L. Paulin 2

J. Broniszeski 1

L. Samure 1

E. Cordingley 1

T. Hawksby 1

N. Mboma 1

D. Nickerson 1

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