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Week 5 - Brockville Youth 7 on 7 Football

Week 5: Brockville Youth 7 on 7 Football


The fifth week of Brockville Youth 7 on 7 Football started off with a bang as Braxton Herbison found Bodee Thibideau for an incredible outstretched 1 handed touchdown reception. The 2-point convert was incomplete and Red took a quick 4-0 lead. White’s first score came off an Ethan Larocque interception to bring the score to 4-3.

Herbison was quick to respond as he grabbed an interception to extend the lead back to 4. Red and White would exchange interceptions on the last two possessions of the half. Bodee Thibodeau and Nate Latimer were the recipients of the interceptions. The score at half was 10-6 Red.

Grant Roney started at Quarterback in the second half and led White down the field for the score. Roney hit Jeff Barrington for the score and the lead 12-10 White. The point after was successful to Duncan Ng. On the next drive Roney again found Jeff Barrington for the score and with another successful point after caught by Jesse Jones the lead was 20-10 White.

Red was down 10 and took over at the 40 yard line. The drive was capped off with a Herbison to Jacob Hanna touchdown. Hanna’s first score of the year was a big one as it kept the game in reach with time running down. The point after was incomplete and White had the ball and a 5 point lead.

The final touchdown of the game was caught by big play Kolten Davis which gave Red a 1-point lead. The game now came down to the point after. White came up with the huge stop and the game was tied with 10 seconds.

On the final play of the game Bodee Thibodeau caught an interception and with that secured the win 23-20 Red.

Week 5’s players of the games are Bodee Thibodeau (Red) and Jeff Barrington (White).

Thibodeau had another standout performance with a touchdown reception and two interceptions. Jeff had an offensive explosion today with two big TD receptions.

The season series is now 3-2 Red and the final regular season game is next Sunday at 10:00am on M1.

Junior Season Statistical Leaders:

TD Passses

Grant Roney 8

Iain Baird 5

Braxton Herbison 5

Ethan Larocque 2

Bodee Thibideau 1

TD Receptions

N. Latimer 4

K. Davis 4

J. Barrington 3

L. Whitton 2

B. Herbison 2

G. Roney 2

J. Jodoin 2

B. Thibideau 2

J. Hanna 1


B. Thibideau 5

J. Barrington 4

G. Roney 4

B. Herbison 4

K. Davis 3

J. Hanna 2

N. Latimer 3

E. Larocque 2

I Baird 1


Week 5 for our Senior match up went down to the wire again. Damien Nickerson put the first points on the board with an early interception for Red. The lead was short lived as White put up 6 on their next possession. Clayton Burzminski made his debut at quarterback and hit Liam Samure over the top. The point after was unsuccessful and White had a 5-3 lead. Fairbairn got to work for Red and hit Damien Nickerson for Red’s first offensive score of the day. The 2-point convert was successfully caught by Andrew Plashka.

On the next possession White made a change at quarterback and Jack Broniszeski threw his first touchdown of the year to Andrew Lassale to tie the game at 11. White was not able to convert the point after the fell behind by 1.

Fairbairn marched the field and found his favourite target Logan Paulin for the league leading 8th touchdown reception of the year. Nickerson caught the 2-point convert and the lead was stretched to 9. White would not go away and Clayton found Dom Lane for his first touchdown of the year. After a failed convert the lead was 4 heading into half.

Red started the half with the lead and the ball. Fairbairn found Damien Nickerson for the score but missed the 2-point conversion. Clayton again found the endzone and Liam Samure had his second TD reception of the day. The lead was back to 4 and Fairbairn again took over at the 40 with the small lead. Bodee Thibideau caught the final touchdown pass of the day for Red and sealed the deal as the lead was 31-19 after Nickerson caught the 2-point convert.

The Final score was 31-22 as Lassale added an interception as the clock expired. This week's Senior players of the game are Damien Nickerson (Red) and Clayton Burzminski (White). Nickerson had two touchdown receptions and an interception in the win. Burzminski threw 3 TD passes in his quarterback debut. Our final regular season game is next Sunday at 11:30am on M1.

Senior Season Statistical Leaders:

TD Passes

B. Fairbairn 25

E. Cordingley 17

M. Holmes 8

C. Burzminski 3

M. Palmer 1

J. Broniszeski 1

D. Nickerson 1

TD Receptions

L. Paulin 8

M. Ola 5

N. Mboma 5

K. Kirton 5

D. Nickerson 5

And. Lassale 4

J. Broniszeski 3

J. Serson 3

L. Samure 3

Z. Rubert 2

E. Cordingley 2

T. Hawksy 2

B. Fairbairn 2

D. Mooney 2

R. Jardine 1

C. Burkmiski 1

C. Klimstchuck 1

D. Lane 1

B. Thibideau 1


M. Holmes 3

M. Ola 2

D. Mooney 2

L. Paulin 2

J. Broniszeski 1

L. Samure 1

E. Cordingley 1

T. Hawksby 1

N. Mboma 1

D. Nickerson 1

And. Lassale 1

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