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Brockville Men's League Basketball 2023-24 Pre-Season Power Rankings

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

An early attempt at league power rankings turned out to be a difficult task with such a large number of rookies joining the league. Nonetheless, here is our way way too early pre-season power rankings before we tip off on Wednesday, November 8th.

1. Eldridge Electric

First year captain, Curt Eldridge, had a great night at the draft table. Selecting 2022/23 MVP Cody Hache 1st overall and surrounding him with youth and shooting. Tough to overlook this potential high powered offence.

2. Super Simple Sheets

With a monster front court and a back court filled with wily vets, this team has the potential to control entire ball games. The only questions is how will they feed all these mouths that are used to having the ball in their hands. This team looks like a match up nightmare for most teams in the league.

3. Angelos Restaurant

With multiple three point threats, this squad promises to be a nightmare for teams attempting the common 2-3 zone.

4. Rideau Realty

Always a force in this league. This year promises to be a test for the aging Rideau Realty team with the league getting younger.

5. Make Your Move Kingston

This team might as well be called the 2011 SGDHS Giants. This team will need to find more ways of scoring than setting double or even triple screens for Sharp Shooter Sean Perrin. Last years A-cup champions have much to prove- but MYMK has the pieces to win night in and night out. Can they go back to back?

6. 4Life Fitness

After a tough season last year, 4Life went a different direction this year, prioritizing height and length in the draft. There have been early reports of scheduling issues which has caused this group to slide a few spots in the preseason Power Rankings. However, with last years league leading scorer Jacob White (24.46) and DPOY Emilo Coburn teaming up this team should make some noise.

7. Ewyn Weight Loss Studios

Drafting multiple rookies, this team is a question mark going into week one. They will need to get scoring from more than just their back court this year if they want to be successful.

8. Mighty Valley Coffee

This squad will need to rely on chemistry and grit as they lack mightily in the height and size department. Carpooling should help with chemistry.

Check back next week for the Week 1 Updated Power Rankings.

Week 1: 4Life Fitness vs. Ewyn Weight Loss for all the marbles, Make Your Move Kingston vs. Rideau Realty for the right to be the leagues official real estate agency, Super Simple Sheets vs. Eldridge Electric, and Might Valley Coffee vs. Angelo's Restaurant- loser brings snacks next week.

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