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2022 USPORT Football Prospects Brockville, ON

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Football might not be the first choice for most young athletes in Brockville, however, times are changing.

Despite Brockville’s reputation as a “hockey town”, we are turning into a football factory. Since 2013, Brockville has been producing NCAA caliber talent on the gridiron. Local product Trent Corney is the most notable Football player to come from Brockville in recent years. The former University of Virginia standout went on to play 3 years professionally for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. This sparked an interest with the local youth that, perhaps Football was a sport that could also lead them to success.

Another noteworthy Brockville product is Dylan Bell who had an illustrious career at St. FX, finishing his career with 146.5 tackles, 11 interceptions and 19 additional pass breakups. Dylan made a mark in the Atlantic University Sports Conference, winning 3 Loney Bowl’s, and has since passed the torch to his younger brother Tristan who is now also playing for the X-men. Brockville's football community is growing stronger by the minute — there are currently 7 Brockville born athletes on active USPORT football rosters: Tristan Bell LB STFX, Jackson Phillips WR STFX, Tanner Dejong QB CU, Jayden Delorme DE CU, Riley Hildebrandt DL UOttawa, Chase Devries OL Queen’s, Eric Johnston DL Queen’s — and that number will double after 2022 recruiting closes.

  1. Evan Cordingley 6’1 210 lbs C/O 2022 ATH.

Evan Cordingley is starting to make a name for himself across the country on USPORT football programs recruiting boards. Evan has the ability to play multiple positions on both sides of the ball. A testament to his versatility is that Cordingley earned an offer to attend St. Thomas More in Connecticut this fall as a linebacker. St. Thomas More is a US highschool prep team that plays the #2 and #10 schools in the nation this year. Evan chose to remain home to train and pursue USPORT opportunities while finishing his grade 12 year at BCI. On this side of the border Canadian programs are looking at him as an offensive weapon due to his strong hands, physically dominating frame and his experience as both a RB/QB growing up. Evan has the perfect balance to play as an h-back as he is a fully capable slot receiver and a punishing runner between the tackles. Evan will be a difference maker on special teams immediately. Time will tell which program lands Cordingley and enjoys the benefits of this high ceiling athlete.

USPORT COMPARISON: Brian Jones (ACADIA) and Donald Tabor (STFX)

40 yard dash: 4.63 (hand)

Broad Jump: 8’11

Squat: 365lbs

Clean: 225lbs

Grade Average: 90%

Academic Interest: Business/Commerce

Major Awards: 2019 Gloucester Raiders Offensive MVP

2019 Brockville Buccaneers Team MVP

2x BCI Athlete of the Year

2x BCI Basketball MVP

2x BCI Volleyball MVP

2019 BCI Track & Field MVP

2019 BCI Basketball Coaches Award

CFC Top 100

2. Brody Fairbain 5'10 160lbs C/0 2022/23 QB.

Brody Fairbairn is a big play, eyes down the field gunslinger. The left handed QB slated to join John Abbott (CEGEP) for the January semester this year and make himself available to USPORT programs in 2023 is on a mission. Brody has the ability to make every throw on the football field, but his most impressive attributes are his leadership and ability to raise the skill of those around him. A lead by example QB whose eyes are solely set on winning and helping his teammates achieve the best versions of themselves. Brody turned down a USPORT scholarship this January to bet on himself and find the right fit for 2023. USPORT coaches in need of some depth at QB should have Fairbairn on their boards for next year.

USPORT COMPARISON: Tivon Cook (St. FX), Jordan Heather (Bishop's)

40 yard dash: 4.7

Broad Jump: 8'1

3. Marcus Ola 6’2 220 lbs C/O 2022 DE

Marcus Ola is a defensive coordinator's dream. The athletic standout has also earned an offer to attend St. Thomas More this fall. The #1 Football team in the state of Connecticut has their eyes on the Ola/Cordingley Duo. The long-rangey defensive end possesses a 6’6’’ wingspan and a motor for the backfield. Ola has several CEGEP/USPORTS programs drooling with his athleticism as he regularly posts videos of himself dunking after training sessions. Marcus’ length and aggression are his most notable attributes as he punishes runners and pursues every play to inflict a blow on the ball carrier.

USPORT COMPARISON: Jayden Delorme (Carleton) and Kadel King (STFX)

40 yard dash: 4.81 (hand)

Squat: 345lbs

Broad Jump: 8’2

4. Nathan Mboma 5’9 150 lbs C/O 2022 WR

Nathan Mboma will be the fastest athlete on any football field until USPORT picks him up. Mboma is a 16 year old athlete with the ability to run a 4.5 40 yard dash. Nathan transitioned from basketball and brought incredible lateral explosiveness to pair with his blazing straight line speed. Mboma shares a blend of former speedster Randy Roseway’s acceleration with Nate Walker’s ability to break contact and fight for extra yards. One of Canada’s biggest secrets with program changing athleticism is uncommitted for 2022.

USPORT COMPARISON: Randy Roseway (STFX), Idahosa Yorke (MTA) and Nate Walker (Bishop’s/UOTTAWA)

40 yard dash: 4.55 (hand)

Squat: 315lbs

Broad Jump: 8’7”

Grade Average: 88

Academic Interest: Aerospace Engineering

5. Damien Nickerson 5’7 170lbs C/O 2022 RB

Damien Nickerson is an intriguing RB prospect with a background in elite gymnastics. It’s not every day that your running back can swing out and beat a defensive back in 1 on 1, highpoint the football and then do 20 tumbling back flips afterwards. Damien possesses a Tyler Varga like stature and with his compact frame is able to hit holes and find gaps that bigger backs cant find. Damien’s biggest strengths are his ability to cut in the backfield, change gaps and get second level. Damien is very interested in Holland College’s Football and Kinesiology program.

USPORT COMPARISON: Jordan Socholotiuk (STFX) and Louis-Philippe Gregoire (Bishop’s)

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