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Week 2- Brockville Youth 7 on 7 Football

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Week 2

Week 2 of Brockville Youth 7 on 7 Football was a warm one! Our Junior’s started off with a defensive battle as White and Red traded interceptions on the first few drives. Interceptions were caught by Kolton Davis (Red), Jacob Hanna (Red) and Jeffrey Barrington (White) and Bodee Thibideau (Red), who each had 2 picks in the first half.

The second half turned into an offensive explosion for Red as they took a 2-0 season lead on White. Our first touchdown of the day was caught by Braxton Herbison and thrown by Bodee Thibideau for his 1st TD pass of the summer. The score sits at 15-9 as the point after was incomplete from the 5 (-1). Bodee made his presence felt again with a quick interception to add 3 to the scoreboard. Braxton Herbison found Kolton Davis for his 1st score of the day. Kolton led the game in receptions and brought a lot of energy in the second half. Herbison found Bodee this time, as the pair formed a strong connection in week 2. Braxton and Bodee both added another interception each as the final score was 30-9 Red. This week's Junior players of the game are Bodee Thibideau (Red) - who had 3 interceptions, 1 TD pass, and 1 TD reception in his 7 on 7 debut - and Jeff Barrington - who pulled in 2 interceptions and was a defensive anchor for White.

Next Sunday the Junior’s play at 10:00am on M3 as White looks to find their first win of the season.

The Intermediate Game was cancelled this week and the standings currently sit at Red (1-0) and White (0-1). The Intermediates play next week at 11:15am (if cancelled Intermediates will play with Seniors at 12:15pm).

The Senior game was a nail-biter going down to the final possession of the game, much like the Week 1 matchup ending in a score of 29-25 Red. Brody Fairbairn found Nathan Mboma for 6 early and completed the 2-point conversion to receiver Zack Rubert to put Red up 8-0. On the next drive, Cordingley found Clayton Burkminski on a deep post and the score. The 2-point convert fell short and the score sat at 8-4 Red. On the following drive Marcus Ola highpointed a ball intended for Mboma for the interception closing the gap to 8-7 Red. On the extra possession Evan Cordingley again found the end zone hitting Kody Kirton for his second TD of the season. After the incomplete 2-point convert, the score sits at 11-8 White for their first lead of the game.

Fairbairn quickly responded, hitting Logan Paulin for 6 and again hitting Paulin on the 2-point convert. Red took the lead again 16-11. After a turnover on downs Brody drove the field and found Rubert in the end zone for his 2nd TD reception of the season. After a successful 2-point convert Red held a 24-11 lead. On the next drive Cordingley hit Marcus Ola for 6 and couldn't complete the 2-point convert leaving the score at 25-19 Red at half.

The level of competition rose in the second half as soon as the whistle blew. White started strong scoring on the first drive of the second half as Cordingley threw his 2nd TD pass of the season to Jack Broniszeski. White regained the lead as Cordingley again found Ola for 6. After another unsuccessful point after the score was even at 24.

Tristan Hawksby joined the party with his first interception of the season to add 3 to the board for White. On the next play Red took the ball back on another interception to bring the game back to a tie (27-27). Brody Fairbairn took the helm and again found Nathan Mboma as the duo connected once more. Rubert was on the receiving end of the 1-point conversion. Mboma made his presence felt again grabbing an interception to regain the ball and extend the lead 37-27.

Marcus Ola got the ball back for White with another interception making the score 37-30 giving his team a chance for a comeback with less than 5 minutes remaining. Cordingley moved the ball and found David Mooney for his first TD reception of the year. White continued to struggle on their point afters and the score sat at 37-35.

In the final minutes of the game Brody Fairbairn kept his cool and extended the lead to 43-35 putting the pressure on White. With 30 seconds on the clock White took over with 40 yards to go needing both the score and the convert to tie and hope to force OT.

Cordingley found the endzone in 3 plays capping the drive with a 39 yard jump ball reception by Ola putting White on the 1 with 10s to go. On the final play of regulation Evan found Ola, again. The score sat at 43-42 and White made the bold decision to go for 2 points and the win. Nathan Mboma knocked the ball down and with that sealed the win for Red 43-40. Week 2 honours for Senior players of the game goes to Brody Fairbairn (Red) and Marcus Ola (White). Brody threw 5 touchdown passes and added an interception in the victory while Ola caught 3 touchdown passes and also had 2 interceptions.

Season Standings:

Junior Red (2-0), White (0-2)

Intermediate Red (0-1), White (1-0)

Senior Red (2-0), White (0-2)

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