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Week 3- Brockville Youth 7 on 7 Football

Week 3:

Sunday, August 23rd marked the 3rd week of the Brockville Youth 7 on 7 Football League and we had some exciting games.

Our Junior game started out with a bang as Grant Roney extended for the 1 handed grab and turned up the sideline for a 40 yard score on the first offensive play of the game. The touchdown was thrown by Ethan Larocque to give White an early 5-0 lead as the 1-point convert was unsuccessful. Red was unable to get a first down on either of their first two offensive possessions, however, Kolten Davis put Red on the board with an interception making the score 5-3 White.

Jeffrey Barrington picked up where he left off last week with an interception (4th on season) to regain a 5 point lead on Red. Braxton Herbison grabbed another interception for Red and the score sat at 8-6. White pulled in another interception (Grant Roney) and heading into halftime the score was 11-6 White. The season series currently sits at 2 wins for Red and 0 for White.

As the second half was underway, Braxton Herbison threw his first and only TD on the day to Kolten Davis for the score and the lead for Red. After the incomplete point after attempt, the game was tied at 11. White would, however, grab the lead and hold on for their first win of the summer as Grant Roney found Nathan Latimer on the deep ball for the final score of the day. After another incomplete point after, the Final was 16-11 White, leaving the season standings at 2-1 Red and 1-2 White. White looks to even the season series up next Sunday at 10:00am on M1 at the Brockville Soccer Fields.

This week's Player’s of the game were Grant Roney (White) for his incredible one handed catch and run TD. Grant also had an interception and threw a touchdown pass for an all around performance. As well as Kolten Davis (Red) for this interception and touchdown performance as he played in front of his older brother Skylar Davis who was a former standout in local youth football as well.

Once again our Senior game came down to the wire. David Money put the first points on the board for Red with an interception on the first play of the game. Fairbairn quickly took over and put up a quick 11-0 for Red as he hit David Money for the score and successfully hit the 2-point convert.

Evan Cordinley was at the helm again for White and found his favourite target Ola in the endzone on a bang rollout. After a failed 2-point convert, the score was 11-4 Red. Fairbairn found the endzone on his second drive finding Logan Paulin for 6. Fairbairn hit Mboma on the 2-point convert and extended the lead to 19-4.

Cordingley quickly responded as Reid Jardine was on the receiving end of a touchdown for White. White was successful on the 2-point convert as Clayton Burkminski made the tough catch. The score sits at 19-12 Red. Brody Fairbairn was again successful on the third possession again finding Paulin in the endzone. After a failed point after the score was 23-12 and Red was not cooling down. White found their groove as Evan Cordingley hit Jack Broniszeski for 6 and Ola for the convert. Heading into halftime in the 30 degree heat the score was 23-19 red.

Marcus Ola, Nathan Mboma, Evan Cordingley, Brody Fairbairn (Left to Right)

White started off down 4 with the ball and 40 yards to go. Evan found the 6’6 Jordan Serson in the endzone for the 6 points, giving White their first lead of the game. A failed point after put the score at 24-23 White. Fairbairn remained perfect on the day finding Mboma for 6 on his fourth possession. The 2-point convert was unsuccessful and Red held a 3 point lead 27-24.

White again responded when Evan found Tristan Hawksby for the score. However the 2-point convert was dropped and White’s lead was 28-27. Brody found Paulin for his 3rd TD reception on the day and Brody’s 5th passing TD. Paulin also caught the 2-point convert and Red took a 35-28 lead. With one minute remaining and down 7 points, White had 40 yards and little time. David Money was able to secure an interception on a tipped ball to add 3 to the lead. On the last play of the game, Fairbairn hit Mboma for 6 points and capped off a perfect 7on 7 performance going 6 for 6 on possessions. The Final was 42-28 Red.

This week's Senior Player’s of the games are Brody Fairbairn (Red) and Evan Cordingley (White). Fairbairn threw six TD passes and Cordingley threw five. The Seniors square off next week at 11:30am at M1 at the Brockville Soccer Fields.

Season Standing:

Junior: White 1-2

Red 2-1

Senior: White 1-2

Red 1-2

Season Statistical Leaders:


TD Passses

Braxton Herbison 3

Iain Baird 3

Grant Roney 2

Bodee Thibideau 1

Ethan Larocque 1

TD Receptions

N. Latimer 2

K. Davis 2

L. Whitton 2

B. Herbison 2

B. Thibideau 1

G. Roney 1

J. Jodoin 1


J. Barrington 4

B. Herbison 3

B. Thibideau 3

K. Davis 2

J. Hanna 1

N. Latimer 1

G. Roney 1


TD Passes

B. Fairbairn 14

E. Cordingley 13

M. Holmes 8

M. Palmer 1

TD Receptions

M. Ola 5

N. Mboma 4

L. Paulin 4

And. Lassale 3

J. Broniszeski 3

J. Serson 3

Z. Rubert 2

E. Cordingley 2

K. Kirton 2

D. Mooney 2

L. Samure 1

R. Jardine 1

C. Burkmiski 1

T. Hawksy 1

B. Fairbairn 1


M. Holmes 3

M. Ola 2

D. Mooney 2

J. Broniszeski 1

L. Samure 1

E. Cordingley 1

T. Hawksby 1

N. Mboma 1

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