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Week 4 BMBL Updates & Power Rankings

After 4 weeks of BMBL all teams have played 3 games- leaving us with 5 teams at 2-1, 2 teams at 1-2, and 1 team still searching for a W. Heading into week 5 we have the toughest weekly power rankings to date, but its still early in the season with much to unfold.

Week 4 saw 2022-23 league MVP Cody Hache make his season debut, while Josh Huttinga makes his case as front runner for the 2023-24 MVP race. Josh looked like the Joker hitting tough shots, making great passes, along with efficient scoring all around. Huttinga sits atop of the 2023 MVP Leaderboard.

2023 MVP Leaderboard:

  1. Josh Huttinga

  2. Brian Kloosterman

  3. Jacob White

  4. Josh Van Wieren

  5. Joe McNichols

Game 1 at BCI was Super Simple Sheets vs. Ewyn Weight Loss. After a close 1st quarter Super Simple Sheets took a double digit lead and cruised to victory 56-42. Steve Pietarinen was locked in and hit five 3s for a game high 15. Josh Van Wieren had 10 and 15 for his second double double in 3 games, and Nate Ryland chipped in 15 on strong drives to the hoop. Don't forget Tim Orbine who controlled the game for Super Simple Sheets and got everyone invovled. SSS goes to 2-1 and 3rd in the season standings. Picking up the W without captain Rob Fullarton this team looks to continue the winning vs. Rideau in week 5.

Player of the Game for Super Simple Sheets was Steve Pieterninen for his lights out shooting performance.

Behind Huttinga's second straight game with 19 points, MYMK had an 11 point victory over Eldridge Electric in game 2. MYMK dominated the offensive boards and earned some extra possessions that were key down the stretch. While MYMK had a balanced scoring attack, EE relied on Trevor Fortier for most buckets. This game was almost tied at half but MYMK played solid defence and forced tough shots as they pulled away in the fourth. EE has yet to play a game with their full roster so lets hope they can get healthy and in the win column week 5 vs. MYMK.

Player of the Game for Make Your Move Kingston was Josh Huttinga for his 19/5 performance in a big week 4 win.

Week 4 Power Rankings:

  1. Rideau Realty

Rideau has had a tough schedule and their only loss comes in OT. Rideau is on the hot seat with a week 5 matchup vs. Super Simple Sheets. Undefeated at full strength this is a team to watch over the next few weeks.

2. Angelo's Restaurant

With the leagues best differential (+30) and fewest points against Angelo's is making opposing offences work for everything.

3. Make Your Move Kingston

MYMK is finding a defensive identity and are looking to repeat as champions.

4. Super Simple Sheets

Picking up a week 4 W against a short handed Ewyn SSS slots in at 4 based off strength of schedule. They look to knock of Rideau in their week 5 matchup and climb the rankings.

5. 4Life Fitness

With wins against the 6th and 7th seed 4Life falls to 5 due to strength of schedule. Their size and athleticism make them a tough game every week.

6. Ewyn Weight Loss

Sitting at 1-2 Ewyn is struggling to get their entire roster to games for consecutive weeks. Ewyn will have to find creative ways to score against bigger teams.

7. Mighty Valley Coffee

Lucky #7- MVC sits at 7th in all major categories and look to pick up a win vs 4Life in a week 5 rematch.

8.Eldridge Electric

Hache returns and grabs 13 rebounds, while Fortier makes a strong case for more offensive touches. The 8-seed is looking for their first win in a week 5 back to back with MYMK.

Update: The Brockville Men's Basketball League in partnership with Super Simple Sheets & 4Life Fitness are hosting a toy drive to collect presents to ensure every family has a happy holiday. If you are able to donate a present we will offer you $20 off your mens league registration for next year. Please drop off unwrapped gifts to 4Life Fitness by December 18th, or bring them to any men's league game for collection.

To learn more or to get involved in the toy drive please email

We hope to see you all at the Mow after the week 4 matchups! Players of the game enjoy a pint on us.

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